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Related post: Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 22:09:15 GMT From: Ed'Michael Ecrivain Subject: Quamaine's Bedtime StoryThe following contains sexually explicit words that might not be suitable to some readers. It is Rated YGM18+ (Young Gay Men 18 or older) and RUone2. So, if you are not of age to read this or do not appreciate young men loving one another, please do not proceed. As it will make it easier for rompl bbs toplist dark you to not have a stroke.Revised and used under permission by EdMichael Ecrivain, 1999 Adapted from the original version 'Bedtime Story, Don't Cum Over The Computer,' by (The author does not wish to have his name published) 1998.And now, enjoy our feature presentation... Quamaine's Bedtime Story.... renos bbs The ringing of the telephone shattered the quiet dorm. It startled me and I wondered who the hell boys nn bbs was calling at 2 o'clock in the morning, and why was the machine taking so long to pick up. Then I remembered that I had it off when I was on the Internet. I was only asleep for twenty minutes and it took me forever to get those twenty minutes of z's. I thought about going to turn the machine on, but by this time whomever was calling lolas nude bbs would have figured that I was awake. As I picked up the phone, I heard a familiar voice shout "Damn Quamaine, how long were you gonna nude girls bbs sites let the fucking phone ring." It was Sean, my ex-lover and best friend. Just hearing his voice gave me a hard on. "What? What's wrong? Why you calling me at this time of the morning?" I responded in a barely awaken voice. "Well, if you wasn't on that damn computer all night you would have gotten my first call at 7." "Yeah whatever. Now, I'm all yours. Why you calling me at this time?" "I need you to help ninfeta bbs pedo me with something, so we'll be right over." click. No-he-did-not-just-hang-up-on-me and what does he need me sexy child cunny bbs to help him vombat bbs models with at this hour, I thought. 'WE', who in the hell pretty little models bbs was he bringing over. My room was a mess and I needed to freshen up. I ran to the swimsuit bbs bathroom, started the shower, and threw the clothes illegal model brazil bbs that were on the floor into the closet. I returned to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and entered the hot steamy shower. I couldn't believe pedo teen bbs the effect he had on me. I guess that's why we became friends with benefits. Those are the best kind of friends. However, we made a vow that we would not cash in those benefits if one of us was guestbook girl bbs ever involved with someone and fortunately we were not. There was a knock at the door, so I just opened the door. There stood Sean looking fine as ever. He had on his white wife beater and gray sweats that just hung onto his waist. I could younger babes porn bbs not help but stare at how big the imprint of his dick was. "Damn, girls virgin bbs you gonna look at my dick all night or are you gonna let me in," as he grabbed his crotch and walked his way in. "Well, are you going to introduce us or do I have to take charge as usual," I said as I motioned them model imageboard bbs to sit down. "You ain't taking charge of nothing in this camp." He replied with a playful mean look. "Well this camp is my camp." I pedo bbs ru said with a fake smile. "Quamaine meet Ken, Ken meet Q, and now I need to talk to you," Sean whispered in his sensual voice as he grabbed me by the arm. "Ken, make yourself at home and we'll be right back," I said as Sean pulled me into nude amateur bbs the bedroom and closed the door. I didn't know what to make of this. What was so urgent that he had to come over in the dead of night to ask me. Shit we were on the phone he could have just said it right then and there. I hope he as okay. My mind was just overwhelmed with a thousand questions but I didn't know where to start. All I could do was stare at him while sexy nymph bbs he stretched out across my queen-sized bed. He patted the bed suggesting that he wanted me to sit beside him. So I did. "So, tell me whats up. This being left in the teen naturist bbs dark is driving me insane." I asked flicking my braids and positioned myself next to him. "Q, I wanna make love to you and have Ken watch," he said with a sly smirk on his face. "What?" "I want to make love to you and have Ken watch. And rika bbs if you are up to it have him join in," as he positioned free teen bbs forums himself bbs pedo teens in the center of the bed. I was completely speechless, but curious as hell. I wanted to say yes, but reluctantly I said, "I don't think so." He leaned over to pull me closer and I jumped back causing Sean to flinch. He has always been persistent to the top teens bbs point where he always had his way. This time he gave me firmer pull by the arm and I fell on top of him. I didn't want to but I could not resist bbs model nudist kissing his lips. As I kissed his lips he gently wrapped his big arms around me and rolled me over on my back. Quite aware of what was going to happen I didn't bother to argue because my body was crying out for some physical contact. He spread my legs open and slid in between me. I grabbed his shirt and violently took it off, well actually ripped amateur angels bbs it off. He was driving me wild by grinding his dick into me. I started to undo his draw sting to his sweats and he started to kick of his forbidden cartoons bbs Timbs. But, I stopped him and said, "If I am going to be bbs pubescent in this freak shit you gotta leave the Timbs on." He got up took off the Timbs, his sweats, next his Tommy boxers, then he put his bbs zeps cp darkcollection Timbs back on. He climbed back into bed and loosened my belt with is tongue. He slowly unzipped my pants with his teeth and gently pulled my pants off. Rushing trying to get dressed before he arrived I forgot to put on underwear. Sean quickly responded by saying, "Either you don't elwebbs bbs links like wearin' underwear or you were lookin' to get into sumpthin tonite." But before I could respond he was deep throating me. His warm lips and bbs ch et 50 tongue felt so good on my dick that I was moaning before I knew it. I figured I might have gotten a little sexy bbs model to loud because I heard Backyard singing 'Can We Get Kinky Tonite" on my system. Sean could give head like I don't know what. I was certain that he was a Ph.D. (Professional Head Doctor). I started to grind into his mouth meeting him halfway every time he came down on my shaft. He pulled my little kids pics bbs shirt over my head and kissed me all over my stomach and chest. Then he laid on me slowly grinding into me causing me to sigh out loud. I swung my legs around him and palmed his round rear as we kissed violently. My body was ready for him to enter me. The tip of his head was massaging my tight hole. When I told him I was ready he got up to get the lube and Ken. Sean looked so damn good in just his Timbs. Just looking at him made little bbs kingdom me want to bust a nut. Sean and Ken walked into the bedroom. I had my teddy bear between my legs because I was kind of nervous having Ken look at me. But within minutes I tossed it aside. Ken looked like a shorter version of Grant Hill. I mean he was fine. Well, Sean never hung out with unattractive people anyway. Sean crawled back into bed licking and kissing bbs dorki rompl my toes. I loved when we did that. He deserved an award for toe sucking. Then he made his way up to my inner thigh, my nuts, my dick, then he lifted my legs off the bed and began to tongue my ass. He rubbed his nose in my hairs, then he bbs nude ls girl buried his face into my buttocks, and I felt his tongue go inside me. It was so warm and wet that it sent chills through my whole body. He gently blew into my ass and starting licking it like crazy. I looked at Ken and noticed that he had started to undress. I didn't feel so bad when I noticed that he had no underwear on either. By this time Sean had started to lube up. bbs porn young defloration We began to kiss bbs board fozya violently again and I felt his finger enter me. I let out a big sigh as he moved his index finger in and out of my bbs drawing nude pulsating hole. "This the kind of shit I elweb bbs porno like, a nice tight ass," he said as he pulled his finger out, positioned my legs on his shoulders and gently pushed his 10 inch dick into my tight ass. I dark angel bbs porn guess the tension I felt came from having Ken present in the photo bbs porn japan room while Sean and I made love. However, that tension seemed to vanish quickly for Sean made me feel right at ease. Sean gently slid his livelihood into me, all the while, kissing my neck pretteen nudes bbs and lips passionately. My nipples stood at attention as he massaged them with his big strong yet delicate hands. Then he began to suck them with his warm and wet tongue sending chills throughout my body. All this activity made my body totally relax and Sean was deep inside me within minutes. I just loved the way he felt inside of me. No one has ever made me feel the way he did. When bbs fozya 100 it came to us making love Sean wasn't beastiality movie bbs just about getting his nut off, he made sure that I was satisfied as well. This made a big difference to me simply because he cared deeply for me and this was a first in all of bbs cp child fuck my relationships. "You aiite?" he asked as he laid his warm body onto mine. I sighed, "Yeah, baby boy I'm alright." free xxx movie bbs as I started to grind into him. The sweet smell of Versace bbs models photos blue Jeans that laced his body had a great affect on me. I deeply inhaled the fragrance and began to kiss his neck passionately as I clawed at his round bubble butt, driving him deeper into me. "Yea baby, adult japanese bbs just like that" I screamed as I threw my elated body into his. "Tell me you want it, tell me you want it!" "Boy, you know I want it. And I want it all night." He pulled my legs over my head and started to take kiddie bbs sex deep strokes inside of me. I was feeling total pleasure that I began to buck like a wild bull ready for the debut at the rodeo. I was so wrapped up with Sean and myself that I forgot that Ken was in the room. Now he was situated free bbs porns in the chair by the closet with his pretty dick in his hand. He was image board bbs ls dressed in his socks, Timbs and a Howard University hat. He had his left leg draped over the side of the chair and was stroking the head of his dick. I guess the look on my face was inviting because he got out of the chair and sat at dos bbs the top of my Queen size bed. I should not have been too surprised of Ken's sculpted body simply because all of Sean's friends had PHYNE bodies. However, I never seen any of his friends in the total nude before either. As Ken moved to lay beside us I smelled the cologne he was wearing. I figured Sean told him what I liked because he too had the smelled of Versace Blue Jeans. Sean gently pulled his hard dick out of me unexpectedly. "What are you doing?" I boys nude pics bbs asked quickly. He responded with, "Let me hit it from the side, lil' inna model bbs man." Sean rolled me over on my side that way I would be facing Ken. Before I even went on my side, I felt Sean slide his dick into me again. He clasped his hand on my waist sliding his body into mine with moans that threw my body into ecstasy. Sean began to massage the back of my neck with his tongue bbs russian virgin and lips and played with my nipples once again. As I placed my right arm around Ken's small waist and let my hand fall onto his solid butt. "Quamaine, may bbs teen galleries I kiss you," Ken asked. I replied with a simple soft "YES!" I slowly closed my eyes as his warm lips touched mine. His breath smelled like grape from Now and Later's. Without much thought I slide my tongue into his mouth as I pulled him closer to me. He returned the hug, so now four strong hands were embracing me. Sean playing with my nipples and sucking on my ears. Ken grinding his dick into mine and massaging my ass. And I searched for Ken's nudist kiddie bbs tonsils with my bbs cp samples tongue and tried to keep up with the rhythm of the two. My moans became louder as the feeling throughout my body became intense. Ken released me as Sean rolled over on his back, held on to me while I drove that long meaty stick in and out of my ass. The air conditioner was on full blast bbs tgp pedo but we were drenched lotita bbs video in sweat. I image bbs girls laid my back on Sean's chest, he began to move faster, holding me by my waist and stomach as I began to ride his dick like crazy. "Yeah, boy you want dis nut!!!" Sean yelled. "You know I do, you know I do!!" I returned. "Gimme dat ass, Q, gimme dat good ass!!" "Here baby, take it, Aw Shit take it!!" I screamed. As I started to play with my hard dick Ken took nn model imageboard bbs it away from me. He positioned himself between Sean and my legs and started to lick my balls. I leaned my head to the side and began to young naked girls bbs kiss Sean violently as he rubbed my chest and fucked my ass. Now Ken was sucking my dick and I was very close to cumming. I knew that Sean was getting close as well. Ken could suck a mean dick but Sean still had him beat. With all this pleasure I told Ken, "Yeah boy suck that dick." Then I let out a loud moan and told Sean "Yeah fuck me, boy. Give it to me hard." Sean replied, "Yeah boy give daddy that ass." I loved it when he called himself my daddy. Then he continued with, "Whose shit is this?" "Yours baby," I said without a hesitation. "Whose dick is this?" he said as he thrust it into me. "Its mine Sean!" "Yeah, Q everything I have is yours." I began to scream Sean's name as I got closer to cumming. Ken sucked and jacked me off at the same time and I was going mad. I knew Sean bbs girls directory was getting closer to illegal teen bbs little because he used the "B" word. And teen board bbs forum I didn't care for sven bbs it to much. However, I didn't make a fuss about it because it was in the heat of the moment. "Yeah bitch, you my lil' hentai bbs freepics bitch" "Baby make me cum, make me nude russian bbs petite 12yo bbs bust this nut all over the place." I said. My moans got louder and my body moved violently as I said, "I'm about to teen art naked bbs cum!" Ken responded by sucking my dick faster and harder never touching me with his teeth. Sean started yelling, "Yeah boy I'm coming" and I shouted "gimme dat nut boy." Sean body just fell from exhaustion. I did everything in my power kids bbs free nude to make Sean's climax a good one. I held my inocent bbs models sex ass muscles tight keeping his dick lodge inside of me. But, once I reached my point of no return there wasn't much I good do. 15yr bbs art I became very sensitive to Ken's lips as I released my thick, creamy juice of cum in his mouth. Ken sucked every drop of cum out of me. Ken got up from the bed and exited the room. I thought Ken came on my leg because it was drenched but in fact it was only his pre-cum. "Damn, baby it gets betta and betta ev'ry time." Sean said, as he rolled me on dark side bbs my stomach and tried to pull himself out of me. "Well Sean, next time it's going to be even better than this time." I replied. "Aiite!!" "You weren't half bad either Mr. Daddy Deep Stroke." "Q, I aim to please." "What do you aim at is the question?" Just as Sean was about to answer Ken walked back into the room. Sean patted him on the butt, winked at me then turned and went into the bathroom. Ken crawled back into the bed with me with a big grin on his face. I had so many thoughts going through my mind I didn't know what to do next. "Quamaine, you know you have a pretty little dick." "Uhm, thanks Ken lilita teen bbs and you have a pair of killer lips that will make anyone slap their momma." I said trying not to smile too bbs models ls magazine much. "Yo, how does it feel to be penetrated?" he asked as he played with his shoelaces. "It depends on who is doing the penetrating. It feels real good if the person knows what he is doing." "Well, I've never been lol bbs ls zep penetrated... but, I want you to be the one, you do it." He teen tgp bbs links looked down. I was stunned as his request by then again, "Ken, are you sure you want me to bbs kg sex teen be the one to break your booty in." I hoped he really wanted me to because I wanted to be in him and I longed for him to be inside of me. He squeezed some WET onto his finger and inserted into his smooth ass. He let out a gentle sigh as I began to caress his nipples with my tongue. I licked him from the left nipple to the right, then made bbs ls links my way down to his navel. After circling his navel, I made my way down to his dick. He had also sprayed his pubic hair with Versace Blue Jean's cologne. At least I wasn't the only one who sprayed down there. I couldn't help myself and without a second thought his nine and a half-cut dick was in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and began to suck his dick like it was the teens post bbs last dick I was going to taste. "Yeah, Q suck this dick boy." Ken said as he worked his finger deeper inside himself. I held him by the waist as I started to lick his shaft from head to balls. The whiff of testosterone that I got from grinding my face into his pubic hair and bone was driving me insane with passion. I began to deep throat his pulsating dick down my esophagus. He grabbed me by my hair and said, "Come on and put that pretty dick inside me." My dick was jumping with anticipation; Waiting to get into that tight ass. My goal was to fuck Ken until he busted a nut to make sure he didn't forget his first time. As I pulled him closer to me, I whispered "I'll be gentle." He quickly responded with, "Boy you better be gentle before I have to fuck you up!" I poured some WET onto my dick and some onto Ken's stomach. To me there was nothing better than slipping and sliding while fucking. "Why you pouring that mess on me?" he asked innocently. "You'll see. Trust me, I know what I am doing. Just ask your boy." I said with a huge grin on my face. "Yea! You funny kid. Full of wise comments." he said as he pulled me closer. I raised his legs up and placed a pillow under his lower back to give him leverage. He illegal pedo toplist bbs was real calm and that made it easier on me. I positioned my arms under his legs and began to insert my head into him. His inside was so warm and pleasing I wanted to lock him up and love for days. From the expression on his face I knew it was hurting him. "Ken, just let me know if you want me to stop." "Shit, angels young bbs we've come this far why stop now?" "Yeah, you got sense. because if you would have said stop I was going to just take your booty." "Whatever yo, you ain't gettin shit unless I give it to you." Ken said as he pulled my body onto his body. baby lo bbs And pretty teenies bbs as our bodies made contact he let out a little giggle that was so adorable. "Yeah, boy this shit is real tight." I said as I went deeper into him. "Quamaine, I want you to give me every inch of that pretty dick. I want to feel it inside my stomach." "Don't worry, you're going to get it all and then some." I said as I began to kiss him passionately on the lips, cheeks, eyes and neck. Ken palmed my ass and dug his fingertips into my back. He let out a sigh and pleaded for me not to stop. He wrapped his arms around teen xxx tgp bbs me and began to grind his body into mine causing me to get deeper inside of his love. He wanted to stroke himself but I kept his hand away from that big dick of his. "Quamaine, this shit feels good boy! Let me bust this nut, baby! Let me bust this nut!", he said as he pushed his ass into my dick. "In due time, Ken, in due time." is all I said as I rolled onto my side and he was on his. I began to pump faster young teen girls bbs and harder. My pelvic bone made slapping noises as it crashed into his ass. His moans became louder and I was close to busting a nut. "Ken, you want this nut boy, you want this nut." "Yea man, you know I do. nudist gallery forum bbs I want every drop of that come boy." Ken and I both jumped when we heard Sean say, "Yea, he's gonna give it to you." Sean had entered the room with a bottle of Clover Honey. I was getting closer and closer to busting a nut when Sean got on the bed and poured honey on my bbs pictures teen back. He laid me on top of Ken and he began to fuck me again. dark collection bbs board The deeper he dove into me the deeper I dove into Ken. Ken shouted "Fuck him harder Sean!!" "Yea, Quamaine gimme dat ass boy!!" I began to give Ken all the dick I could and Sean all the ass I tiny teen bbs could without breaking rhythm. "Oh Shit!! I'm about to cum." Ken screamed as Sean began to lick the honey off my back and fuck me faster. "Sean fuck me boy, come on and give me that dick!" I shouted as I began to fuck Ken harder. "Q, I'm cuming" lola bbs kds fuck Ken said as he shot his big ass load all over the place. His nut little top vagina bbs landed on the bed, on the floor, on the walls and windows, and lastly all over him. He began to moan more as I continued to fuck him and I began to moan the harder Sean began to fuck me. Sean and myself model bbs livedoor yelled "I'm about to cum" at the same time. I began to pick up the speed and so did he. "Come on Sean give me that dick boy, give your baby that dick." I said as I held onto Ken's shoulder's. With a blink of an eye Sean hit deep inside me and I unleashed all the nut I had in Ken. I fell onto Ken and within seconds Sean was laying on me gasping for air. We all rolled off of each other and I went into the bathroom to clean myself up. I returned back to the room and Ken and Sean were sprawled across the bed. I crawled in the middle of them and fell asleep under the warm rays from the sun.Hi, how was that? I hope you liked it, please send all comments, suggestions, and/ or criticisms to my new email address: Hopefully, Quamaine's Bedtime Story... will become a compilation of short erotic-sexually-explicit-modest stories involving the narrator himself or friends of his, and written by me or by other writers, as in this case. Quamaine is currently alive in the ongoing series 'Sister Mona Lou's Boys' now posted/listed virgin bbs teens top under 'YOUNG FRIENDS' (with a link to College).Other Good Readings bbs top tits Nifty: Sister Mona Lou's Boys (series) - starring Quamaine Williams Formerly posted under 'College', but now it could be ukranian bbs girls found under 'Young Friends'. Written baby elwebbs by: Ed'Michael Ecrivain.
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